uPVC Sliding Windows Supplier in Kolkata

Sonar Janala’s uPVC sliding windows are high-grade nylon rollers and they are installed in the bottom of windows to allow for quick horizontal movement. Sliding windows are a great option for flats that require a sufficient amount of ventilation. Sliding windows are so simple to use. Additionally, as sliding windows open horizontally, there is no need to bend over or reach up too high to open or close them.

It is crucial to realise that optimal ventilation and healthy air circulation have a number of positive effects on health. Outdoor air pollution can be the same as indoor air pollution which we breathe every day at our homes. Sonar Janala uPVC sliding window system not only protects from air pollution, it will also protect you from outside noise pollution. Indoor contaminants like viruses, chemical gases, and particles like dust and pollen build up if the air inside doesn’t circulate and have an impact on the air quality. Allergens and other outdoor contaminants are pulled indoors and act as asthma triggers.

Sonar Janala uPVC windows are what your house actually needs. Our windows improve energy efficiency by up to 30% and prevent pollutants, water leakage, and dust infiltration. These sliding windows are coming with different types of mesh which protect your home from other pests, including mosquitoes, and harmful insects. Sliding windows with grills protect your home from burglary. Each and every part of the uPVC sliding window design, including the individual profiles, may be customised to create a variety of different sliding window configurations. providing flexibility and accommodating all new construction and remodeling applications in residential and commercial structures. We provide all types of uPVC sliding windows for your every requirement like sliding windows for your balcony, sliding windows for your bedroom, etc. Each and every sliding window provide waterproofing solution, soundproofing solution as well as dust proofing solutions for your home.

Change to an uPVC sliding window system to create the wonder of a breathing home that keeps the interiors cool and fresh, and to convert your interior spaces into something that may be difficult to envision. If you are searching for the top quality uPVC sliding window yet sturdy and affordable price in Kolkata, then we may be the top option for uPVC window supplier in Kolkata. Call us or visit our showroom today!

upvc sliding windows


  • Better ventilation is ensured by the horizontal sash movement.

  • Multi-track and sash solutions are available to cover bigger areas

  • 4 Chamber / 2 Chamber Sash More chambers and greater heat conductivity resistance in the outer frame

  • Quick-locking mechanism

  • Come in a range of styles, hues, and hardware choices.

  • The sashes can open from left to right or vice versa for the best possible space use.

  • Improved use of space

  • Helps keep noise, dust, heat, and pollution outside because it is airtight.

  • Superior ventilation

  • Can be applied to environmentally friendly constructions, noise cancellation, safety and security, and thermal insulation

  • Simple to maintain

  • Ideal for: homes, hotel rooms, and hospital wards and commercial places

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