uPVC Sliding Doors for Home and Commercial Places

Sonar Janala uPVC Sliding Doors are made of sturdy materials, It is waterproof, light, and extremely durable. In reality, the mechanism of uPVC sliding doors operate effortlessly and quietly.

For all of your demands, Sonar Janala offers 360-degree glass solutions. Our company is committed to offering premium uPVC sliding doors and other solutions for home renovation with subject-expert knowledge and top-notch customer service. Because our products are produced locally and customised to the most latest trend, our uPVC sliding door rates are reasonable and appealing to the mass of the country’s population. The uPVC glass doors are available in a wide range of personalised options and are typically used in residences, workplaces, and apartments.

We at Sonar Janala, a maker of contemporary uPVC glass sliding doors, stay current with market developments and incorporate them into our product designs. Our end-to-end services include design, consultation, glass & frame selection, and installation. Our crew of expert installers works quickly, neatly, and efficiently every day to deliver top-notch results. We make sure you get first-rate after-care services.

Sonar Janala uPVC sliding doors are extremely robust and require little care due to its strength and longevity. Our uPVC sliding doors are appropriate for use in offices as well because they provide a good first impression on visitors and don’t need much maintenance to maintain their like-new appearance. These uPVC glass doors are built to last for many years while being exposed to radiation and unpredictable weather conditions. This enables you to lower the expense of maintaining the sliding door.

Modern technology in the uPVC sliding door helps to increase its capacity for sound and heat insulation. The uPVC sliding doors have multi-point locking systems, double toughened glass, and uPVC frame grills for home security, all of which work together to make sure that no unauthorised intruder may enter your house.

upvc sliding doors
uPVC Sliding door


  • Sensibly planned aesthetics ensure strength and shine over the double bevel.

  • To reduce dust, noise, and thermal leakage, designs with minimal air leakage were made.

  • High-Level Safety

  • provides better visibility and more light with a minimal vertical divider.

  • Structural stability

  • Eco-friendly material

  • With wind resistance booster bars, the window’s strength is further increased, enabling the construction of larger windows.

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