uPVC Casement Doors for Home and Office

uPVC is a consistent material when it comes to creating architectural designs. Sonar Janala provides excellent quality Casement uPVC doors that are perfect for various for your needs. These casement doors offer high function and amazing texture, making them ideal for every home in India. Additionally, we know that uPVC is one of the most versatile polymers available, offering plenty of needed flexibility.

uPVC is a material that can withstand harsh climatic changes, thanks to the addition of stabilizers. Sonar Janala also offers a warranty of twenty years! The materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable, making them ideal for any structure. In addition, these casement doors look stylish and will provide you with plenty of options when it comes to style. A wider range of colours that you can choose for your home or office casement doors. Most importantly, they have high insulation power against heat and rain fluctuations. They’re perfect for your home and your commercial places.

uPVC Casement Dppr


  • Dust pollution free from outside and inside

  • Termite proof, fade resistant, 20 years warranty

  • Thermal Resistance

  • Energy efficient

  • Prevent rainwater from outside

  • Supports large-sized fixed glass enabling better view and light.

  • Noise Insulation

  • Available in different colours and design options

  • Stronger system against high wind load.

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